Get To Know About DirecTV App and DirecTV Now

For more than a year, the DirecTV app along with DirecTV Now have been entertaining customers. But most of the time consumers fail to understand the difference between the two. To keep it really simple, DirecTV Now is a streaming service while DirecTV involves a subscription to satellite TV. AT&T owns both of them. Questions about offerings do get a bit harder to answer but you can certainly strike a balance when you assess the features of both to arrive at a conclusion.

Difference Between DirecTV App and DirecTV Now

Difference Between DirecTV App and DirecTV Now

Costing and channel lineups

With more than 60 channels at $40 per month, Direct TV Now has a variety of packages and programming offerings such as Live a Little, Gotta Have it, etc. Pay slightly more and at $70 per month, you can get about 120 channels. Alternatively, the DirecTV app package can give you 145 channels and has the capacity to offer even higher, up to 315. Price ranges start from $90 and go up to $187 per month but first-time subscribers get big discounts. DirecTV Now does have DVR features where basic accounts will provide you with recordings that last for about 30 days and a capacity of about 20 hours. There is also another tier that provides recordings for 90 days and 100 hours of storage, which costs another $10 extra per month.

Package selections for DirecTV Now  

Even if you were to invest in an elementary package with DirecTV now, you still get the basics such as CNN, Cartoon Network, Bravo, History, Nickelodeon, etc. The presence of local channels very much depends on both your location for both DirecTV Now and DirecTV app subscriptions.

Territorial coverage

You should probably check to see if DirecTV is available in your area, before you start looking into subscriptions for DirecTV or DirecTV Now. DirecTV is a satellite service, so you’ll need a satellite dish but DirecTV Now is available everywhere in the United States. One of the predominant qualities of a satellite dish is that you can use if from anywhere. At the same time, you may have to modify the satellite outside of your home. Strict housing society rules may also disallow this.

Hardware requirements

There is very little that you require to get DirecTV Now. You can use either a streaming player, a mobile device or a computer. Activation just takes about half an hour. But DirecTV requires an HD DVR box and a satellite dish. You will get the dish and the HD DVR Genie if you subscribe to the DirecTV alone. The dish is free of cost and the Genie costs about $7 a month.

Accessible through the mobile

Regardless of the service that you opt for, you can access them on mobile devices, streaming players as well as computers. View your favorite programming on devices other than the TVs if you are a DirecTV app subscriber. Proceed to watch live TV on-demand and DVR content by downloading the app on Android and iOS devices. The Genie should be connected to the internet too.

Preference for AT&T customers

If you are an AT&T mobile customer, then you can stream content from DirecTV into your tablet or phone. This does not even add to the cap on your mobile data. Customers belonging to providers other than AT&T may have to use their wireless data or Wi-Fi connections to view the content. The DirecTV Now streaming app allows you to access the streaming service from just about anywhere. Anyone can subscribe to it but still AT&T subscribers gain a preference where their mobile data is not exhausted.

The deciding factor

Both services seem good and consistent. With DirecTV Now, you get a lot more at economical pricing. Once again, it depends upon your comfort with the satellite dish and its placement if you are subscribing to the DirecTV app. At the same time, service is straight forward and more traditional. You definitely have a yearly contract but still has more channels compared to DirecTV Now. If you decide on the basis of a price tag, then it is always best to go in for the cheaper service. Yet, DirecTV Now comes with a free trial and no contract. Users are recommended to check out their offerings before deciding on which one is the best. If you require any clarification, contact our experts through the toll-free number +1-855-803-8370 or visit

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