DirecTV Now Error 40

If you are staring at a DirecTV Now Error 40 on your screen, then it means your player is having trouble loading the content. The error can also be displayed as 1403 / 1402 / 1401. It usually indicates that the channel is unable to transmit any content due to a temporary glitch. To resolve the error you can first try restarting your device. Then you can restart your DirecTV App or check if the app has any pending updates. Alternatively, uninstall and then reinstall the app and check for software updates on the player.

DirecTV Now Error 40

DirecTV Now Error 40

If you are using a Safari browser, you could experience a playback issue. In such a case, it is best to use the Chrome browser to continue watching your content on DirecTV Now. You can also improve your video playbacks by disabling the browser add-ons.

For users whose devices are jailbroken or have removed carrier instructions on their devices for additional controls, are not supported by DirecTV Now.

DirecTV Now Error 10

  • An Error message 10 indicates that you have no connection
  • You can experience these issues with your connection especially when you are streaming DirecTV Now out of your mobile
  • Restarting your device should invariably fix this but if it doesn’t there are also other things you can try

Connecting Other Gadgets

  • If you think your internet is faulty then try connecting other devices to the internet to check its viability
  • To assure connectivity, test them on the internet
  • You may have to call your Internet Service Provider even if these connections don’t work

Resetting the Home Network

  • Switch off all set-top-boxes, mobile and other internet-enabled devices before you restart your network due to connectivity issues
  • You can bring the power back to all the devices once the home network restarts successfully
  • Once the network is up and running, ensure that you are able to connect your device to it
  • First switch off and unplug the router, wait for a while and then turn it back on again
  • The devices can then be connected to the network once again
  • Verify that the modem and router are on and try launching the DirecTV Now channel, once again
  • At this point, if you are unable to connect or if you see any error lights, then it is best to reach out to your Internet Service Provider

Wi-Fi Signal Optimization

  • You can improve your internet Wi-Fi connection for your streaming device with a few tips and tricks.
  • Get better signal and connectivity by keeping your wireless router and model in the center of your house
  • Never keep the Wi-Fi equipment on the floor; always place it on an elevated surface, such as a desk
  • Do not place the router near electronics that are unrelated such as telephone, speakers, stereos, etc. These could actually interfere with your signal
  • Since each device consumes bandwidth assess the number of devices that are there on the network; if there are too many, just remove some of them

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