DirecTV Now Video Playback Errors

DirecTV Now’s service comes with value for money and in its gamut of choices, includes local channels of Fox, CBS, ABC and much more. While the interface is pretty breezy and even offers user-friendly cable-like feel, at times, you simply cannot avoid the DirecTV Now Video Playback Errors. A critical aspect of this error is the strength of the signal that your router is capable of emitting. Check with your streaming device service for recommended network strengths.

DirecTV Now Video Playback Errors

DirecTV Now Video Playback Errors

About DirecTV Now

With the streaming device industry rapidly changing the way users are viewing television and even entertainment per se, DirecTV Now is considered as one of the most potent alternatives to Cable. Perfect for those who wish to consciously cut the cord, DirecTV Now is a strong competitor to the likes of Hulu (Hulu With Live TV) and Sling TV among others.

The basic package offers more than 65 channels and costs just around $40 per month, which is quite reasonable especially when compared to cable. Go for the optimum package that offers more than 125 channels at a slightly higher cost.


  • At the basic service, you can also watch Fox News, TNT, ESPN and more of such premium offerings
  • There are larger packages available if you were to choose the 125 + channel offering
  • Watch any time or cancel any time – all you need is an internet connection to do any of these
  • A 7-day free test of service is available for those who are interested in knowing what lies in store
  • There are several add-ons available on the DirecTV Now packages
  • Sign up to the channel really easily and watch live TV instantly – in almost 5 minutes

Key Attributes

  • A 72-hour catch-up is available on some of the channels
  • If you have missed a show, watch it within 3 days
  • Users are not locked up in a contract with DirecTV Now
  • The service comes with one of the easiest cancellation processes
  • Simultaneously, you can watch up to two streams and different channels
  • If you are watching ESPN, your kids can still watch a cartoon in the other room
  • Get the third stream as well for just $5 per month
  • A recently-appended cloud DVR feature lets you record Live TV
  • It is built into the service, which means you do not require a separate physical device to appropriate this store up to 20 hours – recordings expire in 30 days
  • The interface looks much like traditional cable television layouts
  • So, users who wish to transition should not find it very difficult to do so

Troubleshoot DirecTV Now Video Playback Errors

  • When there are DirecTV Now video playback errors, you should see messages DirecTV Now Error Code 50001, 50002 and 50003
  • These mean that you have been unable to load content into your streaming device and subsequently your TV
  • Should you encounter the errors 50002-001 and 50002-002 on your Amazon Fire TV, Android, Apple iOS and TV OS devices, then just update the DirecTV Now app
  • If you face the 50003-001 and 50003-002 errors, it means that you are unable to sign in
  • Reconnect to the internet and attempt the signing in processes again
  • For general troubleshooting, just restart the DirecTV Now app again or uninstall and reinstall it again

Check with our agents to perform a software update on your device to alleviate all DirecTV Now video playback errors. For more help, call us @ +1-855-803-8370 or visit DirecTV Now Activate.

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