Roku is one of the most abundantly used streaming device, for two reasons. One of them is obviously the sheer amount of channels available on Roku. But, the close seconds is simply how convenient Roku is to use. Popular channels list Pandora is already provided in bundles like DirecTV, but Roku makes it a point to provide Pandora separately, and as a part of the bundle. These bundles can very well be downloaded, and they can be enjoyed for all the channels there are in the bundle.

For instance, the is a part of the DirecTV bundle, and there are a lot more channels in the offering. These bundles show up as part of the search, even if you are searching only for Pandora TV, because these bundles make your life and entertainment easy to a huge degree. You don’t have to manage payments and subscriptions for ten different channels, instead, just pay for one bundle, and be done with the rest of it!

We will take you through the process of how to install or how to install Pandora as a separate channel. Please follow the steps.

Searching for Pandora TV

Roku search is one of the most effective searches in all of the streaming device industry. The search can fetch you related channels from the keywords you enter. These keywords can be the channel’s name, the name of the bundle that the channels come as a part of, the name of the programs in the channel or even part of the channels name.

Following this logic, enter a keyword that is relevant to Pandora TV and hit enter.

Roku search will fetch all the channels related to your query and will pull them out for you, in the search results.

Ideally, the channel should show up as the first or second result, and if not, it means the keyword entered for search is not relevant to the channel. So, please try searching again using the name of the channel.

Downloading the  bundle

If you want to download the channel as part of the DirecTV bundle, please go ahead and click on the DirecTV channel name. After you click on the name, the channel should be highlighted.

Once the channel is highlighted, please make sure to click on the menu button, and from the dropdown menu, please choose to download the channel. After the channel application is downloaded, the channel will automatically install itself.

Download the Pandora channel

If you don’t want to download and want to download Pandora TV as a standalone application, please go ahead and select that application and highlight it. Please click on the menu and select download.

Irrespective of if you downloaded the or the standalone Pandora TV application, please make sure to activate the channel. For this, you will have to note down the activation code that Roku gives when you first login to your account, and enter it in a separate browser window. After you do that, be it  or be it Pandora TV, should ready for streaming! Please note that the payment for the channels will be deducted from the account details you had given during the time of the account creation.

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